My Movember Radio Podcast – Part One – Nutrition, Mental Health, Surviving Mid-Life (Without a Crisis)

“Tune in to this week’s episode of Movember Radio as we hear from Craig Cooper – the first episode of a special two part series. Author, Mo Bro, former pro skateboarder, Craig is originally from New Zealand and moved to the States at 38 years old to cofound Boost Mobile. He’s passionate about advocating for men’s health and fitness and is redefining what it means to be middle aged”.

Listen to the podcast here

My beginners guide to fasting

My fasting days are usually Tuesdays and last a full 24 hours. More information on my weekly fast is here. But there are other ways to fast and get the benefits. One way is to restrict your eating to a set window each day. Here’s how you do it: Read More