Fasting Benefits, Life Extension Through Eating Less, Tips and Tricks

I started incorporating fasting about a year ago into my weekly health and fitness program. I had done a number of extended fasts over the years but the logic and practicality always escaped me. You fast in order to cleanse and detoxify but then what happens? Invariably most people go back to the same habits until the next New Years resolution or some other new fasting fad comes along.

I wanted to incorporate fasting in a manner that would provide consistent health benefits in a practical manner that was also sustainable; so that is how I started practicing what is called Intermittent Fasting (IF).

IF is nothing revolutionary. It basically involves a day fast once a week – on a consistent basis where you don’t eat anything for a defined period.

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Sardines: The Male “Superfood” for Heart, Bone, Sex and Muscle

I recently had a full blood and nutritional profile undertaken by the head nutritionist for Red Bull — the guy that looks after all their professional athletes: 20 vials of blood and a report that came back as thick as a Jack Reacher novel . Comparing the amount of data in my report to what you get from your local GP blood work-up was like comparing an instruction manual to build a model airplane to one to build a 747. I spent days devouring it.

When I eventually had a follow up consultation, the first thing out of his mouth was, “You know you have the best omega-3 profile of anyone I have ever tested – ever — what do you take? “Well, I eat a lot of sardines” I said.

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Breast Cancer in Men – Risk Factors, Symptoms and Treatment

It’s October, and that means once again it’s breast cancer awareness month. It’s easy to remember this fact, given all the pink ribbons and the pink events filling calendars across the country during October. But in the midst of all the consciousness raising, don’t forget men!

Men may not have celebrities such as Suzanne Somers, Gloria Steinem. Carly Simon, Christina Applegate, and Olivia Newton John to help raise awareness of the disease (although men do have actor Richard Roundtree of Shaft fame, who was diagnosed in 1993 and who underwent successful breast removal and chemotherapy and Peter Criss of the rock group KISS who also successfully fought the disease). And most of the cancer focus on men is usually for prostate cancer awareness. But that does not mean breast cancer in men is any less serious than it is in women, even though it is far less common.

Recent breast cancer statistics report that an estimated 2,360 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, and about 430 men will lose their lives because of the disease.

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