You can also find live classes on Black Concept 2 RowErg Rower that offer competitive leaderboards. This gives you extra motivation to run, row or cycle your way to victory. It also creates a sense Concept 2 Rower Machine with PM5 community that makes it feel like you are not the only one doing your workouts. Rogue echo bike members are so involved that they often become friends in person, sharing a love for the sport. Smart fitness devices like schwinn spin bike can also keep track of your progress and will congratulate when you reach your goals. Some devices, such as the new Schwinn IC4 Bike can adjust your speed and/or resistance automatically so that you don't need to mess with buttons or knobs during your workout.

What’s it all about?

I started this site for men like me – men over 40 who wanted to continue to perform at their peak – in all the areas that matter.

The New Prime is about health, wellness, and fitness for men of my generation – and the specific things we need to focus on – flexibility, mobility, balance, functional strength, nutrition and endurance. And leading a kick-ass life!

It’s about recognizing that we are in the prime of our life. That we can choose to go forward and perform at our peak – or slip into complacency and wither away, lose our masculinity, sex drive and become – well – OLD!

That’s not going to happen to me. And I don’t want YOU to be that guy! I want to do as much in my 40’s and 50’s as I was doing in my 20’s and 30’s. I train hard, eat well and balance my life so I can live life to the full. I want to be strong, healthy, sexually charged and mentally fit for as long as possible.

I have had a lot of stuff happen to me that drove me down my life path. I was struck by lightening playing golf at 27, was in a coma for a month (9 years old), nearly had a leg amputated (at 11), had a serious heart disease that nearly killed me (at 18), countless car crashes and many other physical hazards of a former wayward life in New Zealand and Australia. I also have a genetic predisposition to prostate cancer and type II diabetes, both of which I give a big “F- off” to – by way of diet, nutrition and supercharging my health.

CC_8873_Final (1)

Contrary to all the medical predictions my testosterone levels have also been going massively UP as I age, through lifestyle, diet, supplements and a specific form of training and exercise called PRIME training.

I’m obsessed with my health and peak performance. I train with Olympians, world champion UFC and NHL players and some of the greatest athletes and highest performers in the world. And through my advisory board I have access to some of the most accomplished nutritionists, medical professionals, and wellness practitioners who are personally guiding me in my health. I wanted to spread that same knowledge, tools, and techniques, so you too can thrive and live a life of peak performance – so I wrote a book. Here’s the cover and some info:

Your New Prime Craig Cooper

Your New Prime is a culmination of 30 years of living an obsessive life of health, wellness, and peak performance. My passion and dedication accelerated about 10 years ago when I was told I had a 30% chance of getting prostate cancer by the time I was 50.

It’s the best guide to date for men over 40 who want to thrive forward in life. I’m so grateful for the support I’m getting for the book, and the information I’m trying to get out to men. Here are some of the initial reviews:

YOUR NEW PRIME CRAIG COOPERYou can buy Your New Prime  at all the leading bookstores and online. Here is the link to Amazon. Please leave a 5-star review for it on – that would be awesome!

Here’s a video where I talk about some of my personal background and why I wrote Your New Prime.

My other life

Here’s some other stuff I’ve been up to over the years:

  • Managing Partner – The Action Fund
  • CEO & Managing Director – CardieX (ASX:CDX) – Current
  • CEO – ATCOR Medical – Current
  • CEO CONNEQTCurrent
  • Founder – CooperativeHealth
  • Board Member – IQ Medical Corporation, LLC (Current)
  • Advisory Board – The Cognitive Health Institute (Current)
  • Host – CNBC’s “Adventure Capitalists”
  • Managing Director, Founder, and Head of Venture Capital and Digital Media – Saban Capital.
  • Founding Partner – Softbank Capital Technology Fund.
  • Venture Partner – VantagePoint Capital Partners.
  • Co-founder of Boost Mobile USA – the largest pre-paid mobile phone company in the USA.
  • CEO/Managing Partner – Mercury Capital (Sydneys first early stage digital media VC fund).
  • Private equities advisor – Bank of Singapore.
  • Senior Associate Lawyer – Blake Dawson Waldron (acted for United Airlines, The Disney Corporation and DHL International (where I was External General Legal Counsel)).
  • Co-founder NRG Asia–Pacific – Australia’s largest independent energy producer.
  • Founder – Private Energy Partners (which developed and owned coal and gas fired energy projects in Australia and Indonesia).
  • CEO of E-world Technologies Limited (Australia’s largest PDA retail and enterprise software company).
  • Partner – M-Mobile (largest independent mobile retail distribution company in Australia).
    Founding director of EBT Mobile (China) LTD – the largest mobile phone retailer in Eastern China and China Mobiles No.1 authorized reseller of mobile services.

08.26-adventure-capitalists-1024x576-TW (1)

I also spent a lot of time with Tony Robbins and The Anthony Robbins Group of Companies on various online and digital projects helping Tony implement his massive vision for his companies. Here’s what Tony was saying about me at the time (and still is I hope!)

“Craig has built and transformed some of the leading businesses in consumer Internet and digital media. He has a vision for big market opportunities and a passion for living life to the fullest.

Anthony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Strategist

Craig Cooper

I’m an Ambassador for the “Movember Foundation” and 2XU Performance Sportswear, as well as a Special Advisor to ROAR and ROAR Asia Pacific. I’m also on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health Magazine for both Australia and the USA focusing on 40+ men’s health issues, and in my spare time between all of that I’m hosting the CNBC’s business network’s new action sports investment show “Adventure Capitalists” which was recently named the best new reality investment show of the year – so that was cool! I was in the corporate world for a long time doing a lot of stuff that didn’t ever really excite me. Now I’m focusing 100% on my passion for wellness and peak performance and developing products in my companies to make humanity better.

I’ve got a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws (Honors) from the University of Sydney in Australia. I’m a passionate Surfer, Skier, Mountain Biker, Trail Runner, Triathlete, Obstacle Course Race, Scuba Diver, Pilot – basically, I love doing anything and everything outdoors depending on what the weather beckons. Once upon a time I was also the Australian National Taekwondo Champion and New Zealand National Skateboard champion during the “Dogtown” years. I was also a National surfing representative in New Zealand during my heyday in the 70’s.

If I had it completely together I would follow an endless summer all year.

So that’s about it….I hope you can join me and come along for the ride. Sign up to the newsletter (there’s a form on the right side of this page) – and let’s go down this journey of health and peak performance together.


Oh, and I was just this week (Nov 14, 2015) on the cover of the The London Times Magazine – so that was cool!